JAGS Leaver's Ball 2017
ICSA Conference 2017
Ashley Brinsford
Siemens Exec Photos 2017
Mr & Mrs Latif
ICSA Graduation 2017 - JPEG
ICSA Graduation 2017 - TIFF Files
Wallingford Prom 2017 
Wow, what a fabulous evening. It was great to meet you all, and get the opportunity to photograph you.

Here are your images!

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Amrit Virdee - 21st Birthday
Siemens 2017
Rachel Clark
Daze Entertainment - 20th January
Siemens - 120117
Juliet Jones
Hovis - Christmas 2016
Black Ball 
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This weekend's photographs are now online! 

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Katy Lindsay's '123' party
Mr & Mrs Jepson
Michael Darvill - watermarked
Ilina Mathur's Celebration for Ayesha, Armaan and Aarav
Nicola Ashley
Jaqui Ray
Kate's 50th !
Michael Darvill
ICSA - 125 Years
JAGS Leaver's Ball - 2016 
I hope that you all enjoy these photographs! All downloads are completely FREE. If you would like to purchase prints and gifts, they are available at a 25% discount for 2 weeks.
Daze Entertainment
ICSA - 2016 Graduation
Laura Reeve - birthday
Wallingford Prom 2016 
What a great evening! It was a delight to photograph you all. I hope that you enjoy all these images. 

Remember, downloads are completely FREE of charge...
Siemens 2016
Immy Mobley - 18th !
ICSA - Conference 2016
ICSA - Tom Morrison Essay Prize 2016
Garden Visions - Mortimer
Oaktree Garden Centre
John Kenward 65th Party
Flying Colours
33eme Congres Pharmavie - Business & Roch N Rol
Francine Sumner
The Ansell's - a celebration !
Mr & Mrs Eccles - Wedding Celebration
Afton Chemical - Christmas
Mcloughlin Groundwork - Christmas!
Tesco Bank
ICSA - Awards Dinner
Drew Davy
Siemens 2015
GS Live
Jemima Jones - Birthday
Minter Ellison (London)
Mandy Donaldson
Garden Visions - North Ascot Garden
Ascot Relay for Life 2015
RLC Corps Day
Lashious - Reading
JAGS Leaver's Ball 
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Here are all the images from the 2015 JAGS Leaver's Ball. 

They are all FREE to download. 

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St George's Prom 
Hi All,

I hope that you enjoyed your prom? Here are all the polished images from Monday night. Remember that they are all FREE to download, although you can buy prints, mugs, etc if you wish.

Bob Pullinger Assignment
ICSA Graduation
Julie Nicholas
Greene King - Hand of Flowers, with Tom Kerridge
Paul Heagren
Footprint Music
ICSA - Lord Mayor Presentation
Gerard Ferry's birthday
Cegos Executive Portfolio
Siemens 2015
Yarmouth 2014
Yianis, at the races!
Radford Sergeant
Welcome FosterCare
Sue & John's Vintage Festival
Mr & Mrs Rose
Salt Hill Care Centre
Emmbrook Prom
Sophie Treadwell
Shorts Group Ltd
Target London
Siemens Financial Services - Exec Portraits
Becky Arch - 40th
EE - Awards Dinner
Yukiko Pajot
Dawn Edwards
SIS Live Party
Kelly Callaghan 
Well what a great party. It was a delight to PAP you all. I hope that you have an enjoyable evening and like the photographs.

Remember, all these images are free to download, or you can order prints and gifts online.
Squiff Creative Media
Siemens 2014 
It was lovely to get the opportunity to photograph you all again this year. I hope that you all had a wonderful evening.

Please enjoy the gallery

Steve Thornton
Director, Breeze Photographic Ltd
John Kenward - Showcase
Claire Smith
DAS Conference - Ascot
Fox Williams
Susanne Clarke
lynwood village
Cordek Ltd
Novex Solutions Ltd
Gardenvisions - South Ascot Garden
zbd - product assignment
i2i Events
Actavis Ltd
zbd - kiddicare assignment
Automotive PR
Stepping Stones for Business
6th July @ The Bristol Hotel
Siemens - collection
Global Switch
Tom Steer - 21st Party
Anna & Ashley's 18th
Beaumont Estate - White House in Snow
Catherine & Esme - 18th
Gardenvisions - exec bio shoot
Kate - environmental portraits

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